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how it works


Jangal is a Gambian-based nonprofit charity organization that connects poor students in Gambia to people around the world who are able to contribute towards the students education. Jangal acts as a medium between students and the donors that pair with them. As a result Jangal can ensure that both the students and you are protected from abuse or exploitation.

How the contribution is spent

Jangal has volunteers who go out into the Gambian communities to ensure that the students who join have a need and use all moneys given them for education. Jangal is unique in that 100% percent of the funds you give go directly to the students. Jangal does fund raising independent of your giving to meet it's operational costs. You can assist in this by clicking on the donate link.

To ensure that your contributions to a student are used for exactly what they were intended we send volunteers out to collect feedback from students and receipts showing exactly what your contribution was used for. We validate these and then make them available to you through the Jangal website. To further ensure that your donation is honored Jangal does internal audits of 10% to 20% of annual donations made to ensure that all funds are used as intended. Once you choose to donate to a student, he/she will be added to your my student list and you can access information about your giving at any time, as well check to see if there are any feedbacks available.

Student selection

The Jangal volunteers ask each student who wants to participate to fill out an application. These applications are brought back to an acceptance committee (Jangal founders and senior staff) who go through them and determine legitimacy and if the applicant qualifies. To qualify, the student must be considered poor – the gross family income should be below a poverty line of $4 a day. This figure is based on the UNDP 2007/2008 human development report. Unfortunately 85% of Gambians fall below this number ( and we need to change that. Once we have determined the students that fall under this category Jangal sends trusted volunteers out to these communities to verify this information. We then determine the need for the student. This is based on the student's current grade and cost of attending that grade in their area.

Information for Donors

As we mentioned earlier each student has a monthly need which is determined by the Jangal board based on the grade and cost to attend that grade in the student's region. You are not obligated to give at that level so Jangal does display this information. If the student's need is not met he/she can be donated to by other generous individuals, like yourself, until their need is met. At anytime you may choose to end/increase/decrease your contribution. You can end it by allowing your payment to lapse more than 5 days or by sending us a message. To increase or decrease you monthly contribution just change the amount when you make your next payment.

If at anytime you have questions simply send us a message by clicking on the contact us link. You can also track your messages or close old ones if you feel they have been adequately answered.