About us

Jangal pronounced jangal means “to learn” in Wolof – a native language of the Senegambia region. Jangal, as it's name suggests, is a registered non-profit charity organization whose mission is to provide education to young Gambian children. Jangal takes a unique approach to it's mission by allowing people like you, who have the capacity to give, to connect with poor Gambian children and help them through their education. Jangal is unique in that you do not give to the organization, but directly to the student and Jangal acts only as a medium.

According to the 2003 household poverty survey 69% of Gambians live below the poverty line. This number has been growing steadily and it is expected to continue growing as more Gambians are forced by global economic trends to leave their subsistence way of life to search for work. On reaching the cities most do not have the skills or the education required to compete. As the cost of food and other resources rise, poor Gambians are faced with the grim reality of removing their children from school and sometimes have them work to help sustain the family.

At a time when "a compelling body of research links primary and secondary education to economic development and growth" (William Schweke research director for the Corporation for Enterprise Development), poor Gambians are unable to spend more and more off their meager incomes on education which would have a direct impact on their earnings, and the economic health of their communities. Recent research suggests that Gambians are getting poorer and poorer primarily because of unemployment, as less and less Gambians have the education or skill to compete in the new global economy.

Jangal organization wants to change this! One student at time! One family at a time! One community at a time! To enable and empower children, communities and eventually a nation to take it's destiny into it's own hands. To do this we need you to participate and tell everyone you know to participate.Donate now to begin making a difference by contributing whatever makes you comfortable. If you are hesitant or want to know more about how Jangal works before you commit yourself, please click on “how it works” . You can also send us a message by clicking on “contact us” .